Enabling h264 and others on Windows N insider

Windows 10 N is essentially the same version as the non-N version, with specific licensed codecs and other materials excluded. You can install these normally via the Microsoft Windows Media Feature Packs.

I made the unfortunate mistake of selecting Windows 10 Pro N for a computer, and being stubborn and not wanting to change the license, I have been continuously running into problems created when you update early with Windows Insider program.

So far, Microsoft does not rebuild the media feature packs for insider builds. Microsoft has not released a script to let you do this yourself (ala source rebuild for those familiar with Linux).

If you want to use Netflix, youtube, or any other modern web content that requires these media codecs, you were SOL on Windows 10 N and insider builds.

Until I stumbled across these instructions:

  1. Download the latest Windows Media Feature Pack & extract the contents:
    • expand -f:* Windows-media-packxx.msu . ; expand -f:* Microsoft-media-featurexx.cab .
  2. Copy the following files into Windows/System32:
  • mfperfhelper.dll
  • msmpeg2vdec.dll
  • mf.dll
  • mfplat.dll
  • evr.dll
  1. Install the following registry keys: (copy/paste to .reg file and import by double-clicking the file)
  2. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    @="Microsoft H264 Video Decoder MFT"
    @="MF Media Source Activate"

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