Using Fedora 24+ at CERN

This post has been updated – please see Fedora 37+ here

Updated Spring 2018

It seems RHEL8/CC7 will likely be branched from Fedora27 development, so hopefully these things will hold for future. Tracking down the sssd bug for Fedora 26+ was a pain!

CERN has decided that future linux releases will be a stock version of centos + cern repository. This makes things quite simple for anyone who might want to use fedora, as we are very close to stock system.

add CERN repo
cat>/etc/yum.repo.d/cern.repo << EOF [cern] name=cern baseurl= enabled=1 gpgcheck=0 EOF
Install kerberos and afs
Install gotcha dependencies

ocsinventory-agent -this package is not any longer from default Fedora repos. Get it here.

# for Fedora 27. See above link for other versions of Fedora
dnf install
Install packages from cern repo
  • dnf may complain about per(Module::Install) or other perl libraries missing – these are simply called perl-Module-Install in fedora repos. is your friend here.
sudo dnf install CERN-CA-certs cern-get-keytab cern-get-sso-cookie cern-wrappers locmap useraddcern

Now we install everything with dnf. Finally, you can simply follow the cern cc7 instructions and add your cern account native with addusercern afsid

One final note: If you have Fedora 26+, there is a bug from sssd. You need to add the following line to your /etc/sssd/sssd.conf under [sssd]:


You can read more about this particular “feature” here

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